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IV set & Tube

Multiway Tube

The detailed information:

Detail Description of Disposable sterile of Multiway Tube

l  Sterilized by EO gas. Non-toxic. Non-pyrogenic, single use only

l  The multiway tube for single use is composed by inner/outer cone cap, inner/outer cone connecting, tee, flow-stop clamp and tube. 

l  The raw material of tube and tee is PVC, the protective cap is PE, the inner/outer cone connecting, flow-stop clamp is ABS.

l  It is applicable for human body intravenous medicine fluid infusion when fitting with infusion device. 

l  It's can be used after opening, pierce tightly the inner/outer cone and infusion device to prevent liquid leakage, to be performed according to normal infusion method.

l  The tube length can be customize. DEHP free is available.

l  Individual Packing: Blister / PE.